CETP Makes A Difference

By Frank Thompson on Feb 09 in News.

Letter To The Editor, Butane Propane News


As I look back over the past 25 years insuring propane marketers, one thing stands out: CETP training has reduced propane claims dramati­cally. Where once I used to dread the phone call from a marketer reporting a nasty explosion or fire as a serious claim, I now ask “Was it your fault?” The answer for the past two years has been a resounding “No! The fire mar­shal doesn’t think we are involved.”

CETP training has made the differ­ence, helping to instill and reinforce a company culture of safety which has reduced frequency and severity nationally. The positive result is keeping property and casualty premiums reasonable for the market­ers-and their customers safe.
Now if we could just get a program to keep drivers from texting, we might even be able to reduce auto rates.

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