Umbrella Policy - PT Risk Management

Providing Coverage: If You Are Required (In Some Cases), For The Litigious Society In Which We Are Living, And ALSO For Your Peace Of Mind!

With many companies spreading their risk downstream, it’s become vital for energy businesses to have this extra coverage to protect their business assets from large accidents, even if they’re not at fault. Trust the expertise of PT Risk Management to help you protect your business.

Our Value-Added Services

Our value-added services, which you’re not likely to find anywhere else, first includes expert contract reviews and quarterly risk assessments and other aspects of your business. We do this to ensure that you get complete coverage and can start working proactively to minimize your risk exposure and prevent losses from occurring in the first place.
In order to help secure the privacy of your data and protect you from hackers, former employees, absent-minded workers and other threats, PT Risk Management has created a complete cyber liability insurance program that includes coverage for:

  • The theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of data and other violations of your privacy policy
  • Claims expenses and penalties for regulatory proceedings
  • WThe expense of properly notifying individuals of .a data breach, providing credit monitoring for affected parties, hiring a computer security expert and obtaining specialized legal advice
  • Damages and claims related to your online media activities, ranging from defamation and libel to copyright infringement
  • Crisis management and public relations expenses

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Underground Storage Tank Insurance

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Safety & Loss Prevention

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Did You Know?

If you are sued, your umbrella insurance can cover your defense costs in most cases, regardless of fault. Legal defense costs can be covered in addition to your policy limit.