Why It’s Imperative to Get Life Insurance Now

By Frank Thompson on Dec 17 in BPN News.

Why It’s Imperative to Get Life Insurance Now

While visiting with several insurance company representatives at the Western Propane Trade Show and Convention in Reno, Nevada, in August, an article I wrote in the August 2021 issue of BPN titled “Is Your Company the World’s Best?” became the topic of discussion. One of them said, “You need to write an article on the need for life insurance.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, we have all become more aware that death is certain for everyone. For those who don’t get the vaccine and then catch the virus, death could be unexpected. Most people live life as if they will live forever, and when death comes, it’s a shock to both the person and their nearest and dearest. Death doesn’t always provide us with warning signs to allow us the time necessary to take care of our loved ones. Read More

Frank Thompson

Frank B. Thompson is a chartered property and casualty underwriter based in Phoenix. He is the owner of PT Risk Management, an independent insurance company specializing in writing propane and petroleum risk policies throughout the U.S.